Life At the Lake Slows Down for Beer, Family and Community. You're On Lake Time Now.

Yeah, We Have a Thing For Beer.

And we bet you do, too. What’s not to love?  We also love our lakeside life. So we’ve combined our two passions to bring a bit more of both to our lives and yours. From our intriguingly smokey Toasted Toad Blonde to our deeply rich LakeNess Monster Stout we’ve crafted a line of down-to-earth beers here on the banks of Lewisville Lake in Little Elm, Texas. Each brew is hand crafted in small batches to ensure that when you enjoy a Little Elm beer, time seems to slow a bit and the rest of the world slips quietly away. We call it Lake Time. And now it’s time you learned a bit more about  our brews, our story and how you can make every time you gather with family and friends Lake Time.

Mullens Irish Red

Toasted Toad Blonde

LakeNess Monster Stout

Lake Gator IPA